Team JeanPaulLouis

RE/MAX Excellence

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Team JeanPaulLouis

RE/MAX Excellence

C: 514-354-6240

O: 514 354-6240

Team JeanPaulLouis

  • Natasha Louis
    Natasha Louis
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
    Natasha Louis is a real estate enthusiast who has worked in the industry as a residential and commercial broker since 2007. Over 15 years of experience Natasha has seen it all to enable her seller and buyer clients to have the most money in their pockets (supporting evidence). She established herself in the field by giving several lectures to the public on the process of acquiring and selling properties, having a penchant for plexes (income properties). Let Natasha's experience-knowledge work for you.

    The JPL team works in the various neighborhoods of Montreal, North Shore and South Shore. Always attentive to the real estate market, the knowledge acquired by the team in the different neighborhoods allows the JPL team to effectively guide buyers to find the right location that meets their needs. For sellers, the team uses new trends and cutting-edge marketing strategies to provide maximum exposure for each listing and effective marketing at the best selling price. With a combined 35 years of experience, Team JPL has built a reputation as hardworking, detail-oriented, professional, direct real estate brokers who protect the interests of their clients. The testimonials repeatedly emphasize honesty and their knowledge of the market.

    Experience is knowledge. All the rest is information 

    -Albert Einstein-  


  • Ralph Jean-Paul
    Ralph Jean-Paul
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
    The first connection in real estate for Ralph Jean Paul is when his father Luc Jean-Paul began his career in that field in 1983. A business that will become that would soon become a family business in 2001. Passionate about real estate, the objective for our clients was to achieve a financial independence by helping them buy at the best price as possible and sell as expensively as possible. My passion, is the most in my clients the pockets, the best deal or NO DEAL!! After more than 20 years in the business, several of my clients have acquired a lot of equity, which allowed me to guide them towards other investments (rental, commercial, overseas ect…) Let Ralph's expertise work for you.
  • Natasha Louis Natasha Louis
  • Ralph Jean-Paul Ralph Jean-Paul

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